A New Prayer for a New Year and a New Start

a prayerGod of now, of this moment:

You know what this year has been like—those awesome soul-smiling moments, and also those dark parts.

Through it all you say “Fear not.”

And right now we boldly pray that those two words—”Fear Not”—are a trampoline for the next 12 months.

Remind us that fear is the louder, weaker, bleaker cousin of faith.

That love isn’t always easy. But it’s worth it.

That we don’t need more time or less tasks, but clearer priorities. And that you’re at the top of the list.

Be the rope at the end of our rope.

Give us an authoritative nudge to cease and desist from the hamster wheel of busyness.

Inject our work with dignity.

Help us be brilliant parents. And children. And partners.

Give us the words we need when we stutter in your defense.

Make us be the kind of friends who change the world—if even for just one person.

Remind us that we were made on purpose and for a purpose. And that it is never too late.

That forgiven people forgive people.

And that your love is not just for saints, but for sinners—and that means us.

Give us an appetite not only for bread, but for your Book.

Promote us from prayer privates to prayer majors.

With our crackling voices, give us the melody of angels.

Make the manger of our hearts a cradle for the King.

God of now, we know that a pulse doesn’t mean we’re alive. Jesus does. So use this moment to make his heart—your heart—our own.

In the name of the Savior, our lifeline, we pray, Amen.

  • This prayer was first used in the 7pm service on Christmas Eve at Westminster.
  • Start your year right and in 13 seconds sign up here for my 1-minute daily devotional called “Up!”
  • You can hear my 15.5 minute Christmas Eve podcast called “You’re Never Ready” here.


  1. Hi Matthew, Thank you for a year of posts – I always appreciate what you write. I send out a parenting newsletter and I am wondering if I may include your post, giving you credit of course. Thanks for considering this, Paddy.


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