Spirituality for Normal People – The Podcast

When you hear the word “spirituality” what do you think about?

There was a time in my life when that word made me think about incense and mellow music.

It can also make me think about spiritual and religious “superstars.” These are people who always seem to hit moral home runs and make it into the pages of history text books. These are people like Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr.

In other words, it’s not often a word we apply to “normal” people like you and me.

So that’s what my friend (and the author of the Del Ryder series of books) Matt Brough set out to correct. He’s a pastor and writer (and all ’round nice guy) from Winnipeg, Canada. And like me, he has a passion for connecting people’s faith with their daily lives.

One of the ways he does it is with his new podcast called Spirituality for Normal People.

For his third episode we had a conversation. He calls it “Living with Intention and Integrity.” You can hear it here, and I hope you find it practical, helpful and encouraging.

I’ve always felt that low drama spirituality has a highly dramatic impact. So in the interview we talk about daily proactive practices for your faith, how to deal with “ruts” when you get off track, the daily devotional that I write called “Up!”, doing less better, and how to stay focused even when you don’t feel like it. When you are intentional about your faith on a daily basis big things can happen.

You can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio, or you can just visit the website at the bold link above. Plus, you can get the notes from the interview there too.

A final word: I just want to thank Matt and his passion. He’s doing creative things to bless others, and our world is a better place because of him. Thank you Matt!

You can listen to “Living with Intention and Integrity” here.

One comment

  1. It was so great having you on the podcast, Matthew! I always appreciate your writing and your wisdom and was thrilled that you were willing to share that with me and anyone who might listen!


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