Choosing Humility [Sermon]

There are things we want. Things we know are good. One of them is “Maturity.”

But what does it mean to be truly mature, regardless of how young or old we are? Mature enough to deal with adversity, or with uncertainty, or just with… life.

Whatever maturity is, we know it’s something you can’t get overnight. It takes time. And wisdom. On purpose. When we see it, we know it.

This sermon is the second in a series of four: “Mature: 4 Things Mature People Do on the Path of Joy.” Because in the book of Philippians it is, actually, connected to joy. [To see a 50-second video intro to the series on YouTube click here.]

Maturity is soul gold in a world of cheap trinkets, clarity in a world with much darkness, water in a parched information age, and joy for the journey.

Sounds good?

In Part 2:

(a) I take us through Philippians 2:1-18
(b) I define what “humility” means and why it helps us deal with adversity and uncertainty
(c) and I offer four ways we can choose humility

The video version is below, and the audio-only version is underneath. Enjoy!

Audio-only version:

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