The Christian Gospel (Good News) [Video]

In Christianity, people are always talking about the “gospel.” But what does it actually mean?

First, it’s a word that means “good news.”

But what news are we talking about, and what is so good about it?

Well, it’s probably just best to watch the video. I put it together to use in worship services as a succinct reminder for Jesus’ disciples, but also to serve as an explanation for those who don’t know God yet, but are curious about learning more.

As I explain in the video, it is good news that is for rebels, wrecks, and everyday people like you and me. It is game-changing and life-changing—forever.

If you’re a worship leader (or simply anyone else who has an interest and a platform), feel free to use and/or share. No need to credit me. Enjoy!

For more background to the gospel, including a look at some of the key biblical texts and a few insights from people like Tim Keller, N.T. Wright and Frederick Buechner, click here for a previous post I wrote on the subject.

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