Responding to an age of polarization [Sermon]

We live in an increasingly polarizing age. One of’s definitions of “to polarize” is this: “to divide into sharply opposing factions…”

We see it in politics, and in any other number of contentious issues. Proponents of one viewpoint often think they are 100% correct and then go one to demonize their opponents as “literally Hitler.” Talk about polarization!

In this sermon from July 12, 2020—at a time in history when we swim in the information age, are increasingly aware of racial inequality, and continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and various perspectives about reopening the economy—the question I invite us to wrestle with is this:

How do we avoid the trap of polarization if we are going to be wise, truthful and compassionate followers of Jesus?

We look at this question through the lens of Matthew 7:1-5. Based on the text, I offer three observations and one suggestion. One thing is for sure: Humility holds a mirror.

Here is the YouTube version, and the audio-only download is underneath:

Audio-only download:

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