Open lips open doors. Sometimes. [Sermon]

Truth is silenced when witnesses are silent.

This statement presupposes that truth actually matters and that witnesses have a vital role to play in sharing that truth for the benefit of others.

In the New Testament, the apostles and early disciples are called witnesses because they walked with Jesus and saw him alive again after the crucifixion. They talked to him and physically touched him! They were summoned to share that truth with others, even when it was risky and involved serious consequences. In fact, our English word “martyr” comes from the Greek word for “witness.”

In this sermon from May 9, 2021, I explore Luke 24:36-49, how Jesus is the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah (something which gives our faith increasing confidence), and how we can be witnesses today, even when that is hard to do and even when it puts us at odds with majority culture.

The YouTube version of the video is here. The audio-only download is underneath. In addition, there is also a link to the extra ‘Growing Deeper’ content, which is in-depth background provided as a part of The Pulse Podcast.

Audio-only download:

Here is the extra background content as an episode of The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan. It is called “Martyrs and witnesses–then and now.”

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