God Cares About Your Well-Being, Even Now [Link]

[This is an exert to an article I wrote for The Gospel Coalition Canada. A link is provided below for the full post.]

There aren’t any stories in the Bible about people sitting on leather couches while talking to professionals about self-actualization. But that doesn’t mean God isn’t interested in our well-being. God loves and cares about us, and that obviously includes our souls, bodies, and minds.

The Bible is full of stories about people under great duress. Job, David and Paul come to mind. Psalm 88 (NIV) ends like this: “You have taken from me friend and neighbor—darkness is my closest friend” (verse 18). When you think darkness is your closest friend you are clearly not in a great place.

My gut tells me that, in the midst of COVID-19, most people are experiencing more strain than they’re used to, or perhaps more than they think they are…

[Click here to read the full post at The Gospel Coalition Canada.]

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